Can a Menstrual Cup Cause Miscarriage {Best Guide}

Can a menstrual cup cause miscarriage? Here you will learn whether a menstrual cup can cause a miscarriage, and under what circumstances a menstrual cup can cause a miscarriage.

Can a Menstrual Cup Cause Miscarriage

No, the Menstrual cup can not cause miscarriage. But if you get an infection by using a menstrual cup, then it can be the reason of miscarriage . Therefore, change your menstrual cup before filling it completely and do not use the same cup for a long time. Keep 2 or more cups with you and use them by changing them.

We strongly suggest women to not use tampons or menstrual cups when she has a miscarriage, due to the potential reason for an infection.

can a menstrual cup cause miscarriage
can a menstrual cup cause miscarriage

The use of a menstrual cup each month is a breeze for women all over the world. No matter if your cervix has moved either way, the cup must be positioned properly. Know about, Can Tampons Go Into Septic Tank?

Menstrual cup, because of the ability to keep the sperm inside the cervix even though there are no guidelines on their use it is advised that they are in place all the time. Doctors advised keeping menstrual cups for less than 8 hours, and to wear them whenever possible.

In spite of the absence of research-based evidence, there are methods to block sperm from entering your cervical cervix (like the cervical caps and cups, as well as menstrual cups disk holders, and even positions following having a sedative) can increase your chance of becoming pregnant.

There shouldn’t be any bleeding right after installation to avoid the potential to trigger the clotting. You may begin to see the object first, and the flow could increase if it begun as an incident of spot. To keep your blood flowing is a must, and you’ll need cups or pads to keep it contained. Why Put Tampons in the Refrigerator?

It is essential to keep your menstrual cups only shut on one side to allow sperm to fly directly onto your body to reach. When you utilize a menstrual mug properly and using an appropriate size cup, you’ll never have any problems or issues.

It is suggested that the cups should be kept within the refrigerator for 8 to 12 hours prior to use. If they remain in this condition for too long, it could result in toxic shock syndrome.


A cup of menstrual fluid stuffed with sperm allows the sperm only move in one direction, which is to the egg. The cervical mucus that is associated with menstrual cycles helps the sperm move through the uterus and the cervix eventually making its way to the fallopian tube, where the egg gets fertilized. Know about, Why Does My Tampon String Get Blood First?

It takes only one sperm to get into the egg in order for fertilization to take place. After the egg has been fertilized cells keep on dividing, creating an embryo that eventually moves to the uterus in which implantation takes place.

So, the Menstrual cup can not cause miscarriage. If you have any question about tampons and menstrual cups. You can comment below in the comment box.