What Are Soft Tampons? How to Use?

Here you will know what are soft tampons. How to use a soft tampon correctly. Do soft tampons really work?

Along with this, you will learn, Where to buy soft tampons? How to use soft tampons? How to remove a soft tampon? How long can I wear a soft tampon?
How to wear a soft tampon? Where can I buy soft tampons?

What Are Soft Tampons

Soft tampons are the newest thing in female intimate hygiene. It is very delicate. Soft tampons are made of hygroscopic hypoallergenic material.

The good news is that soft tampons don’t cause intolerance, irritation, or itching like regular tampons, menstrual cups, sanitary pads, and other hygiene products sometimes do.

Their full compliance with hygienic safety requirements is confirmed by numerous dermatological and clinical tests. Soft tampons are much better.

Soft tampons without threads are a different alternative to standard tampons. Due to the soft, absorbent material and ergonomic shape, soft tampons are very comfortable to wear and also provide reliable protection. That’s why they are called soft tampons.

Due to its soft texture and elasticity, neither the woman nor her partner will feel it. This means that you no longer have to avoid everyday activities such as sports, saunas, swimming or physical interactions even during your period.

You can do all these things by wearing soft tampons. In addition to being completely incomprehensible, it also eliminates the risk of abrasion or other irritation of the vaginal membranes.

Being very delicate, it does not prick the vulva. You can remove soft tampons easily and quickly. Unlike their predecessors, soft tampons don’t come equipped with threads sticking out of the vagina to preserve the aesthetic component of intimacy.

The soft tampons are individually packaged and therefore ideal for when you are out. There are many brands of soft tampons, to protect the environment, the packaging of soft tampons is made entirely from paper.

what are soft tampons

How Do Soft Tampons Work?

The working of a soft tampon is simple. Soft tampons are inserted into the vagina just below the cervix. Due to the absorbent material, the liquid is absorbed immediately and leakage is prevented. It is designed to absorb menstrual blood.

After insertion, the tampon adapts to the shape of the body, thanks to this property of preventing the leaking of fluid like a menstrual cup. A soft tampon should be worn like a normal tampon for a maximum of 8 hours.

Depending on how heavy the period is, this may need to be changed first. If the menstrual flow is very fast, then you should wear it for 4 hours. Soft tampons can be removed by pulling out or by placing a finger in the tab.

Used soft tampons should be disposed of in a sanitary bag or tissue in household waste to prevent the risk of infection. Its removal is also easy and is not harmful to the environment.

Please be aware of regional settlement guidelines. Used soft tampons should not be thrown down the toilet. It will immediately enlarge by absorbing water and it will clog the sewer and toilet system. Individual components of packaging can be disposed of as waste paper.

How to Use Soft Tampons?

Soft tampons do not have threads, so tampons can be worn for everyday situations as well as sleeping, playing tennis, or other sports. The good news is that you can wear it while swimming or during intercourse.

Soft tampons can be used either at home or outside. The of Tampons and Menstrual Cups explains how to use soft tampons.

What are the things to keep in mind before inserting a soft tampon?

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before using soft tampons. So that contact with germs can be broken.
  • Read the rules on the packaging of the tampon and remove it.
  • To make insertion of the tampon easier, you can moisten it with clean water so that it goes smoothly even into the dry vagina.
  • Then squeeze it well, so that it can absorb the menstrual blood at the highest level.

Advantages of Soft Tampons

Below, we have presented some undeniable benefits of soft tampons.

Their biggest advantage is that you can wear the soft tampon while sleeping, swimming, playing and doing all kinds of other work.

By absorbing the menstrual flow they do not expand, that is, they provide comfort even on days of heavy discharge.

There is no specific size requirement when buying a soft tampon. You can get soft tampons of any size as compared to regular tampons and menstrual cups.

Soft tampons do not leak during any activity, they adapt themselves to the shape of the vagina. They are absolutely reliable.

According to the manufacturers, this is a disposable product. The product line is represented by three levels of absorption, this is a great product designed for menstruation.

If you put a sporicidal agent on a tampon, it can be used as a form of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In this case, it would be as reliable as the spermicide being used.

Unlike regular tampons and menstrual cups, soft tampons are not harmful to the environment.

How to Wear a Soft Tampon

You can easily wear a soft tampon. All types of rules are given here for wearing a soft tampon.

  1. Hold the soft tampon out between two fingers and place the third finger on the flat side of the soft tampon.
  2. Now press the soft tampon firmly together.
  3. With your other hand, open the labia and push the tampon into the vagina up to the cervix.
  4. Tip: If you have an intact hymen, please use caution when using a soft tampon.

Important Tip: To make it easier to insert, it helps to have a relaxed posture. Don’t panic while using a tampon. Tampons can be easily inserted with one leg raised while standing.

How to Remove Soft Tampon?

Be careful when removing the soft tampon so that it doesn’t cause any damage. Following is the method to remove the soft tampon.

The soft tampon does not have a removal string, it can only be removed using the integrated tab. To do this, use the index or middle finger to grab the tab and pull it out. You can come out by holding it directly with your fingers.

If it’s difficult to remove, we can help you out by sitting or lifting one of your legs. If you are not able to remove your soft tampon, please consult your gynecologist immediately. It is necessary?

How Long Can I Wear a Soft Tampon?

It is important that you change soft tampons regularly. Soft tampons can be worn for up to 8 hours. Wearing a tampon for longer than this can be injurious to health.

But it may also be necessary to remove the tampon before that, depending on how heavy your periods are. If you have heavy periods, we recommend that you wear a soft tampon for 4-6 hours.

You should immediately change the soft tampon after intercourse or swimming to avoid any kind of infection or itching.


Soft tampons are easy to use and are also soft. It also does not cause pain in the vagina. Its removal after use is also easy. Soft tampons are not harmful to the environment. But their market is very small. You can find these in very few places.

You must be careful while using the soft tampon and use it according to the rules. If you are having more problems or pain while inserting or removing the tampon, then you must consult a doctor. Used soft tampons should not be flushed down the toilet.

General FAQ’s

Where to Buy Soft Tampons?

The right way to buy soft tampons is through an online store. Soft tampons are hard to find at common stores. Do not search for soft tampons in general shops, it can also waste your time. Because it was mostly available online.

Can You Reuse Soft Tampons?

No, it is not safe to reuse soft tampons. Made of 100% polyurethane foam in soft tampons. They soak up the blood, due to which it is not easy to clean the soft tampon. Therefore, using it again can cause infection, itching and other diseases.

Can You Flush Soft Tampons?

No, You can not flush soft tampons. A soft tampon acts like a sponge. It will get bigger by absorbing water and clogging your toilet and bathroom sewerage system.